Claims Training Demo


FEATURES: Simulation, voiceover, real-world practice, feedback

Project Description

This course was built using Adobe Captivate and was part of over 80 hours of virtual instructor led training on the ZirMed platform. This training covered all major functions of all solutions, including Claims Management, Denial Management, Eligibility and Remits Processing, Print Services, Financial Services and more.  Due to high turnover in physicam billing departments, this series created to help our implementation and customer support teams rapidly get new users going with the software and allow a self-paced option.

A hallmark of this training were the practice models found at the end of each product’s training. This allowed users to practice what they had learned in a simulated environment and provided feedback or hints when they would get stuck. The interface was created in .NET and the video/simulations were created using Adobe Captivate. The demo research, design, screen capture, layout, and scripting were done by Patrick Gabbard. The voice-over was done by Kimberly Foy.